HomeAway Listing Quality

HomeAway, Inc. is a vacation rental marketplace with more than 1,000,000 vacation rental listings in 190 countries. How is that vacation rental ranking in the massive database of other competing rentals in a search? Vacation Home Owners can monitor their rental listings using a feature on our dashboard called “Listing Quality”.

Digging In
Owners started to become aggravated at the lack of traffic their rental listings were getting on HomeAway’s search database. A major issue for LQ was that our customers were not taking advantage of the benefits of what it has to offer. It simply wasn’t easy enough to use. After discovering what problems were occurring, management and UX began to investigate a solution on gaining more popularity for LQ. ¬†How can we improve that? How do we make it more necessary? We wanted to help Owners in getting the most views possible. We set out to make LQ’s interface easier to use, to ensure Owners use this feature.



The Outcome
By keeping our work adaptive, designing for handheld devices was our new mantra. If the desktop website didn’t translate onto a small screen, the goal was to trim the unnecessary content.