I’m Molly. A wife, mother, and UX Designer based in Houston, TX. My love for web & graphic design started when I was in a band at 16 and needed a website to promote shows. After learning how to code websites via HTMLGOODIES, I found any excuse to design and code a website for anyone. After several years of DIY web design, I began taking an Interactive Media track at Lone Star College.

While attending school, I obtained my first job in the field while also maintaining side projects with real clients. As the world of design grew, so did my passion. I was determined to keep up and learn more. When the iPhone was announced, I knew I wanted to take part in the challenges of learning how to design for small screens and devices. I inevitability became passionate about creating mobile applications.

For the past 10 years, I have held a position as a user experience, interaction, and interface designer. Throughout my career, I have learned that working closely with stakeholders, project managers, and developers is integral to a successful product. I have acquired an immense understanding of the world of software, and how important experience design is for any product or website being used by people. After all, what is the point in designing something if it isn’t useful? Design Makes Everything Possible.

With over a decade of experience and working history, I maintain that same love for design. I have worn many hats over the years, but nevertheless, I always see the beauty and endless possibilities that design can bring to the world.

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